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Maritime Law
Since its inception the Firm has been well-known for its expertise in maritime law both nationally and internationally. Its advice in this field includes issues relating to contracts of affreightment, charter parties, contracts of carriage by sea, joint ventures, slot charters, contract dispute, cargo claims for damage or shortages, and particularly, those relating to collisions, other accidents, salvage, general average and marine insurance.

For many years Edye, Roche, de la Vega & Ray has provided legal assistance to maritime agents and to masters and crewmembers of national and foreign vessels in transit in Argentina with respect to civil, commercial, labor, criminal, and customs matters as well as problems raised with the migration authorities. The Firm also assists entities which specialize in maritime industry financing by helping such entities with the constitution and/or foreclosure of naval mortgages.

The practice in this field includes the frequent involvement of its lawyers in arrests and sailing restraints of vessels, the purchase and sale of ships, the financing and constitution of guarantees as well as the representation of companies related to the fishing industry in their relations with the authorities (e.g. fishing licenses).

In the customs field, the Firm provides legal advice to owners and/or characters of foreign vessels and their maritime agencies on disputes with the Customs Administration.

Since the privatization of Argentine ports, which began in 1990, Edye, Roche, de la Vega & Ray has assisted with claims filed by interested parties and has provided legal advice to clients and owners of private ports in connection with conflicts with third parties, municipal, provincial and/or national authorities.

Commercial Law
Edye, Roche, de la Vega & Ray advises on the execution of general association agreements and the incorporation of companies and offers legal services connection with corporate, labor and fiscal matters of companies already incorporated. It also advises on all procedures governed by the Bankruptcy Act.

The Firm's lawyers represent insurance companies and brokers in and out of court, and have been members of the Board of Directors Of such companies.
  International Trade
The experience of the Firm's lawyers has been developed in a broad variety of matters related to international trade.

Edye, Roche, de la Vega & Ray has an extensive network of correspondents throughout the world who cooperate with the Firm's lawyers in handling such matters worldwide.

Civil Law
The Firm provides assistance in private law and has superior expertise in rendering legal advice on matters related to contract law and civil liability, such as product liability, malpractice in general, automobile accidents, etc.

Edye, Roche, de la Vega & Ray's practice also encompasses legal advice on real property matters and family law including divorces, community property liquidation, successions and adoptions.

Being fully acquainted with the development of the multimodal transport, Edye, Roche, de la Vega & Ray also covers extensively overland and air transport, which complements its practice in the area of maritime and river transport.

Administrative Law
Edye, Roche, de la Vega & Ray also offers its services to companies which require assistance and protection with respect to matters, that arise with administrative, national, provincial or municipal authorities by helping such companies file the pertinent remedies for the protection of their interests.

Labor Law
In this field Edye, Roche, de la Vega & Ray represents companies (including insurance companies) in all types of labor suits and in specific matters, such as labor accidents and professional diseases regulated by the Workers' compensation Act.
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