Legacy, expertise and commitment

A track record of more than one hundred years in the practice of maritime law, providing personalized service and focusing on the client’s interest

The Firm

The Firm was established in 1908 and has, since then, been intensely active in providing professional advice in court and out-of-court legal matters of various kinds, with particular emphasis on maritime law.

In these more than 100 years, the Firm has represented a large number of clients from different parts of the world with commitment, warmth, closeness and effectiveness, values that are preserved and put into practice every day.


Maritime Law

Over one hundred years devoted to the practice and covering all aspects of Maritime Law. Advice on charter parties and transport agreements, purchase and sale of vessels and the financing thereof, arrest of vessels, cargo claims, collisions, groundings, salvage claims, general average and maritime insurance, as well as solving all kinds of problems relating to maritime law, including immigration formalities and customs issues and proceedings before the Prefectura Naval Argentina (Argentine Coast Guard).

Civil Law

Advice on the comprehensive Private Law system, with experience in all matters pertaining to Contract Law and in the area of liability under the Civil Code. Our activities include advice and intervention on matters relating both to rights in rem and to family rights, including divorces, liquidation of community property by spouses, succession and adoption.

Commercial Law

Companies set up, formation, incorporation and management of corporate matters. Participation in all proceedings governed by the Bankruptcy Law and in all type of commercial litigation.

Administrative Law

Advice to clients on all kinds of administrative issues in their actions before national, provincial and/or municipal authorities.

International Trade

Experience and proven track record in all matters relating to international trade. The firm has the possibility of retaining attorneys of prestige abroad who specialize in each of the issues involved, according to the needs of each client.

Labor Law

In this area, we represent insurance and other companies in all types of labor litigation and in matters as specific as accidents at work and occupational diseases which are currently covered by the Occupational Hazards Act.


All kinds of issues relating to domestic and international transport by sea, by land or by air.


Fernando R. Ray


Maritime, Corporate, Civil and Commercial Law and General Practice.


José A. García


Maritime, Corporate, Notarial, Civil, Commercial and Labor Law and General Practice.


Alejandro J. Ray


Maritime, Aviation, Civil and Commercial Law and General Practice.


Francisco J. Ray


Maritime, Labor, Civil and Commercial Law and General Practice.